Ever Lasting MMM Features

Responsive design

Our MMM Script is fully looks delightful across different devices and screen layouts as well. All of the script functions will be guaranteed on almost devices and give visitors beautiful interfaces.

SEO and speed Optimized

Get a high ranking on search engines. Our Helping MMM Script is built with web standards and SEO best practices in mind. We optimized speed for fast loading your website.

Multiple Language

Bitcoin MMM script makes you to work in your own language. Not only this, you can create a new language if you wish and modify content as you like. Spread your system all around the world and also get RTL Support.

Multiple Currency

MMM (Member to Member) Scripts support multiple currencies, thus user can PH and GH in their own currency. The First PH created by members in their currency will be set as their home currency and GH will be matched with their same currency.

Payment gateways

Our MMM Script integrates seamlessly with all major payment gateways like Bitcoin, Bankwire etc.. This allows you to accept payments from your members. You can add any payment gateway for your members from admin control panel. There is no hard configuration just login and add payment mode.

Email Notifications

Get notified when each task is performed, account verification, after assigning the help members and forget password, etc., a mass email from the admin panel is also possible. It means the admin can send the email to lump of users officially.


Dashboard will give you the latest updates and Provide Help reports for current day. Also it will be dynamic for your website sections and give you last updates from inbox, transactions, news and FAQ.

Simple Installation

MMM Scripts is easy to install and programming skills are not required to install. Just follow simple installation steps and your own MMM website will be ready in no more than 5 Minutes.


The chat messaging system allows PH member, GH members to contact each other’s instantly for making the payments and get notified for each message.

Profile Overview

Get your members profile info, helping history, Referral information glance in one place from your control panel when you needed. You can contact your members right from there also.

Ticket system

Ticket system helps you to provide better customer services. Besides the chat, the users can contact the admin through ticket system this will directly connect the user to admin.

Standalone Software

Coded in PHP & MYSQL Programming language with our advanced structure. It does not require any 3rd party installation.

Special Bonus /Penalty

Admin can provide special bonuses or penalty for members who perform excellently well such as donation or promotion.

Data Security

The security in this software is adding major advantage because it is totally password secure and all communication between server is encrypted using high level encryption.

Referral link

A referral link is the URL use to promote your website; it has the username appended to the URL. As the new user register with this link, the sponsor will be getting the referral bonus.

Plan management

Set up as many investment plans as you like. MMM Script intuitive Plan options will equip you with choices like maximum, minimum range for amounts, interest percentage, durations, bonus, withdraw fee etc.


Mavro is a conventional unit for measurement of participant's contribution in MMM. Mavro start growing from the day of PH pledge according to the plan selected. The number of growing mavros and progressive calculation of the amount of help can be seen directly in the section “Mavro”.


Transaction provides an overview of all transactions processed throughout website. Transactions can be searched by transaction id, name, payment gateway reference ID, transaction amount or currency. The filters on this view allow you to find out transactions quickly.

Time extender

The PH user after assigned with the GH user, if he is not able to make the payment within the time allowed, he can extend the timer and get additional time for him to make the payment. In spite of not making the payment after extending the time, will lead to blocking of the user.


Admin can post video testimonials and post it to the home page. It is the simple process that admin wants to give the YouTube link and that will be displayed in the actual website. This will promote the site to an extent and attract the visitors of the site.

Re commitment

It is the PH given again in order to continue the process of the cycle. After pledging the PH, the user has to give the second PH in order to get the GH for the first pledged PH. This will continue for the user to stay in the system for long term.

Manager feature

As the user resides in the system for long days, the admin can make him the manager like upgrade so that the manager can get the maximum bonus besides the other users. This commission can be set by the admin and they get level commission for referrals and referrals pledging PH.


If the proof attached by the PH user is fake, then the admin has the right to block the PH user and reassign the GH user with another PH user.


The time interval when the user redeemed his PH pledge before the CLAIM day, but not eligible to GH. GH can only happen after the CLAIM day.

Site Freeze

This is one of the latest features and when admin enables this feature, the site will be paused and no growth will be calculated for the days until its disabled. The user can only login and register through the website and all other functionalities will be suspended.

Add the codes

We emphasis your needs that we have a provision from the admin panel to add the codes for the livechat and google analytic code. Just take possessions with your codings from your providers and throw it from the admin panel.

Block the User

As the users enroll with the website and if he fails to PH the first time, the system is all set to block that user and he has to restart or write to support. This pricise days are predicted by the admin.


There are 2 options in the admin panel. The users purchase epins from the admin and use that code for PH. Admin can enable this either for the very first PH or for the PH pledged every time. This helps the user even if the users don’t have the definite payment modes.

Automatic confirmation

Bitcoin automatic confirmation is available with the script. That is the PH user will make online payment and put the transaction ID and the system checks for the transaction and will confirm the amount. This will avoid the fake payments.

Fake transaction

As the PH user uploads the fake transaction proof, the GH user are not forced to accpet instead they are given a provision to contact the PH user and write to support and they are reassigned by another member.

Promotional banners

The admin can post as many as promotional banners from the admin panel that will be displayed in the header of the dashboard. This will promote the site to the higher extent.


The pictorial representation of the downlines according to the matrix set by the admin are now available with our script. Each user can view their referrals in their timeline. It displays the spillovers as well.


The admin can upload the banners from the admin panel and that will be displayed in the header of the dashboard. This will make your site more attractive and professional.

Subadmin manage

Admin can assign the set of features to the subordinates and they will have the seperate login details and they can access the features assigned to them by the main admin. The admin can deactivate this admins as the control is with the main admin.

Auto Assign of Primary Percentage

To provide help, you need to make a request of PH. In a short time you will get an order with contact and payment details of the recipient to pay the Primary Percentage amount set up by admin. Then remaining percentage will be matched with other participant.

Letter of Happenies

After providing help and getting help (GH) in return, Letter of thanks should be given it was mandatory. Admin can set Penatly for users if they not provided the LOH after GET HELP.